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About Me...
Travel is our Passion!
To all of my future couplesbrides and grooms. 
You deserve a stress-free romantic
vacation, destination wedding and honeymoon!


Welcome to my site.  I am the President/CEO of Inspirational Travel Plus.

CEO of Inspirational Travel Plus
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"Live your life diligently and explore your dreams through the world."


Welcome! I'm Rowena.

I'm here to make planning and traveling easy and stress-free so you don't have that frustration.

I am the kind of travel agent who would rather go to the dentist, than show up at a destination unprepared.


So when I started planning bigger, more elaborate trips for my husband and I, my first step was always to go online promptly, open 12 browser tabs and get down to researching every last detail. What a headache!


At first, I thought it was just me. But using Google didn’t give me the clarity I needed to make decisions about my trips, it presented a lot of choices. But how could I possibly know what was accurate, what was not, and what would *actually* make a memorable trip?


So I started the process of finding a travel agent in my area who could be a second pair of eyes on my itineraries and help with the planning. However they weren’t really meeting all my needs, (Don’t get me wrong I am not picky but I like a romantic getaway that leaves me blown out of the water.) I then had a lightbulb moment! Why don’t I do it for myself and other clients? I want to give them the same fulfilling experiences that I want. 

And here I am nearly 6 years later, going down that travel rabbit hole for clients every single day, helping them feel confident and excited about their travel plans. And Guess what? I. LOVE. IT!

Here’s the truth: You don’t need yet another night after work scouring the internet for answers. You need a Romance Travel Specialist who can swoop in and take the time-sucking research, planning, and booking off your hands. At Inspirational Travel Plus we don't just book trips, we curate them. We understand the importance of every detail that contributes to your vacation or special event, and with so many getaways to choose from we take care of all aspects to allow you to relax, focus, and enjoy yourselves in a truly magical way.


Every person deserves a stress-free travel experience, so if the thought of traveling with ease, taking trips that perfectly match your interests and travel style, and having a travel expert in your corner for every step of the travel process makes you want to happy dance around the kitchen, hop on a plane tomorrow and sip margaritas on the beach in peace. I'm so glad you're here!

This is what we do for you!

Our customized planning package comes in three tiers: Basic, Premium, and Specialised.


Basic package: Includes Free Consultation meeting. Plan, research, and book a single element of your vacation while staying within your budget. (Single element includes services such as flight only, accommodation only, or tour/activity only). This includes information regarding documentation and pandemic regulations. You will receive a complete itinerary of your trip and information regarding documentation, immunizations, and Covid regulations.

Premium package: Includes Free Consultation meeting. Plan, research, and book every element of your vacation, all while staying within your budget. This also includes information regarding documentation and pandemic regulations. You will also receive a complete itinerary of your trip, a PDF document of the country/city/state you visiting, and information regarding documentation, immunizations, and Covid regulations.

Specialized package: This Specialist package includes the same as the basic package however it is for the special events you want to celebrate. This is for the likes of Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, Ocean Weddings, Vow Renewals and Bachelor and Bachelorette Vacations.

Does this sound like something you would like to do? 

Discover how much fun you can have by letting us plan your special vacation or event. Together we can make this an exciting time for you and we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us or our services, get in touch!   We hope you continue to book with us now and in the future. 


Now let us help you create your next chapter by clicking 'Book a Consultation'.

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